World Book Wizard has arrived!

World Book Wizard has arrived!

We are so excited to announce the launch of the award-winning World Book Wizard—a brand-new way of learning – in Australia and New Zealand.

Wizard is a new curriculum-aligned adaptive learning tool that emulates the student-teacher experience. It helps students develop, maintain, and retain knowledge for the long term. By combining technology, data, and an intelligent algorithm, it provides a personalised learning experience that drives students to mastery!

World Book Wizard’s scientifically formulated algorithm helps improve results by 10% and increases learning by 40%. The personalised approach to asking questions and instant feedback helps students retain information.

It’s smart and a proven way to help students master skills in such core subject areas as Maths, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts. With over 700 drills (question-based exercises) spanning 230+ courses, it is the ideal resource for your distance-learning needs.

Additional Magical Features Include:
• Teachers utilise the dashboard to roster students into classes
• Create assignments featuring curriculum-correlated drills
• Students use their Wizard dashboard to join classes and view assignments and due dates
• Specialised technology monitors and predicts current and future proficiency levels of students
• Helps users develop, reinforce, and retain information and long-term skills
• Questions adapt to match students’ way of learning to better understand topics
• Focuses on the material learners need the most support in mastering
• Provides instant feedback to help users learn from their mistakes
• Fun badges engage students and prove subject and topic proficiency.

Wizard was the winner at the 2021 EdTech Cool Tool Awards in the ‘Resources/other helpful sites or tools for education’ category and a finalist in 6 other categories. The EdTech awards are the largest and most competitive recognition program in all of education technology.

Wizard is backed by learning science making it the perfect complement to classroom instruction and an effective tool for distance learning. Use Wizard to support struggling students or simply for extra practice and enrichment at home!

Excited to see what all the magic is about? We are offering a FREE trial of World Book Wizard. Register for a free trial today

To learn more about World Book Online and how it can be used in your school, library or home, click here.

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