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Support Sheet

How to activate translate text and read aloud functions on iPad.

Technical questions

1. The PUZZLES function in the Games section is not appearing on my desktop/laptop?

Ans: World Book have built the new Kids on the latest technology. This includes the puzzles function, which has been built using the latest HTML5 technology. Unfortunately Internet Explorer does not explore the plug-in required to run this technology. If you are using Internet Explorer the puzzles will not appear.

2. Can I still use all other areas of Kids on Internet Explorer?

Ans: Yes, all other areas of Kids function perfectly on Internet Explorer.

System Requirements

The World Book Kids site fully supports the following browsers:



Version 60 and higher

Internet Explorer

Version 11.0 and Edge

Mozilla Firefox

Version 60 and higher


Version 10.0 and higher

Following Plug-ins are needed to use site

• Adobe Acrobat
• Java Runtime
• Shockwave flash

Mobile Devices Supported

• Safari Browser on iPhone and iPad
• Chrome on iPad
• Android browser on Android devices
• Internet Explorer on Windows devices

Following setting should be enabled

• Cookies
• Javascript
• Medium or lower security level in the browser (the level should not be high)

Technical support

Telephone: 02 9902 3400