World Book Wizard

World Book Wizard

World Book Wizard is a classroom-based, adaptive learning platform that provides a comprehensive set of curriculum-based drills (quizzes) for Years K-8 students. It's a personalised and proven way to help students master skills in core subject areas such as Maths, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts. Wizard is accessible only through the Student database.

Prevent important knowledge from fading!
Wizard helps students develop, maintain and truly retain knowledge and skills for the long term in a way that is both fast and smart.

  • Learn
    Through the feedback you receive with every question, you
    learn from the correct and incorrect answers.
  • Reinforce
    The algorithm adapts the learning sequence and frequency to
    suit individual needs and to help maintain proficiency levels.
  • Retain
    Creates a continuous learning process that truly anchors
    knowledge and competencies for the long term.


  • Includes hundreds of drills (quizzes) on various topics in the 4 key subject areas: Maths, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts.
  • Teachers can create an unlimited number of classes to track progress and assign content including attaching relevant World Book Online articles and media to assist with learning.
  • Teachers can create assignments as pre- and post- assessments to keep students on track.
  • It can be used as a way of establishing where the student is at on a topic prior to learning it and then revisiting again once the unit has been completed as well as a great revision tool.
  • Students utilise the dashboard to join classes, view assignments, and get due dates.
  • Technology monitors and can even predict students’ current and future proficiency levels.
  • The algorithm adapts the learning sequence (based on previous responses) to suite individual needs.
  • Provides instant feedback with every answer, so students can understand and learn from their mistakes.

World Book Wizard Winner and Finalist at the 2021 EdTech Cool Tech Awards!

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