A Timeline of

A Timeline of

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Volumes: 8

Each book in this new series follows a major technological innovation from its first appearance in human history to its present-day development. The intuitive layout of each book underscores the remarkable history that is surveyed. Running text on the upper third of each page provides a concise narrative, while a continuous timeline on the bottom two-thirds of the page records the highlights and curious facts of the development of the technology. Text and timeline together provide the kind of challenging and multi-format reading experience recommended for students in today's Australian National Curriculum and New Zealand National Curriculum.

Titles in the series:

  • Adobe Shelters to Steel Skyscrapers: A Timeline of Building
  • Counting Pebbles to Writing Code: A Timeline of  Mathematics and Computers
  • Foraging to Supermarkets: A Timeline of Food
  • Hieroglyphics to Hypertext: A Timeline of Written Word
  • Leeches to Lasers: A Timeline of Medicine
  • Smoke Signals to Smartphones: A Timeline of Long-Distance Communication
  • Stargazing to Space Travel: A Timeline of Space Exploration
  • Wooden Spears to Military Drones: A Timeline of Warfare

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