2024 World Book Encyclopedia

2024 World Book Encyclopedia

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This year's Spinescape® reflects the possibility and wonder of space exploration. Created by award winning illustrator Don Clark, the artwork represents humankind’s desire to travel beyond the stars. Its retro style acknowledges the longevity of this pursuit, as well as of the encyclopedia it decorates. World Book’s collaboration with the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) Program inspired the Spinescape.

As the only general reference encyclopedia still published today, The World Book Encyclopedia 2024 provides authoritative content on almost every topic to learners of all ages, from school-age readers (9-18) to adults. Whether you are looking up information to understand a subject or checking a fact for a homework assignment, tens of thousands of index entries make it easy to find information. Abundant colourful photos, illustrations, and maps supplement the easy-to-read text.

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  • Notable revisions cover Artificial Intelligence, Great White Sharks, Global Warming, Mathematics, and Space Exploration.
  • Additionally, entries spotlight updates to the New Zealand article and former Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, with updated insights into Australia, including Sydney and Canberra, and delve into the enduring importance of the Commonwealth of Nations.
  • This edition captures the essence of Australia and New Zealand with the excitement surrounding the World Cup.
  • It also introduces illuminating articles discussing the James Webb Space Telescope and Nuremberg Laws, enhancing readers' understanding of evolving global dynamics.
  • Ukraine place name spellings have been revised in text and maps throughout the set.
  • Hundreds of updated articles.
  • Expert contributors, advisors, and subject area specialists ensure readability and accuracy.
  • More than 25,000 photographs, illustrations, diagrams, and maps.