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World Book offers a selection of its acclaimed series nonfiction titles in eBook format. The collection supports a span of curriculum areas and reading levels. These highly illustrated and engaging titles can be accessed 24/7 on desktop computers, iPad®s,iPhone®s, and a selection of Android devices.

AR - Accelerated Reader
NSW PRC - NSW Premier's Reading Challenge
- Read Aloud
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The Age of Knights and Castles
Icy Worlds Insects and Spiders
Inventions and Discoveries
The Sea and Its Marvels
Space Exploration
Voyages of Exploration
Wonders of the World

A Timeline of Building
A Timeline of Mathematics and Computer
A Timeline of Food A Timeline of Written Word
A Timeline of Medicine
A Timeline of Long-Distance Communication
A Timeline of Space Exploration
A Timeline of Warfare

The Bunyip
The Chupacabra
The Jersey Devil
The Loch Ness Monster

Andersen and the Monk's Secret
Andersen and the Brothers Grimm
Andersen and His Friend Victor
Andersen and the Magic Hat
Andersen and the Forgotten Manuscript

Animals Attacking
Animals Caring for Their Young
Animals Communicating
Animals Defending Themselves
Animals Depending on One Another
Animals Finding Food
Animals Finding Mates
Animals Living Alongside People
Animals Living in Groups
Animals Making Homes
Animals Migrating
Animals Surviving in Extreme Environments

Insects and Spiders
Mollusks and Similar Sea Creatures

Human Body
Oceans and What’s in Them
Outer Space
People and Places
Pets and Other Animals
Prehistoric Times
Random Stuff
Science Technology
Wild Animals

Bullied by Boys
Bullied in Cyberspace
Bullied by Friends
Bullied by Girls
Bullied by Groups
Bullied to Belong

Alligators-Other Crocodilians*
Ants-Other Social Insects*
Arabians-Other Horses*
Baboons-Other Old World Monkeys*
Badgers-Other Mustelids*
Beagles-Other Hounds*
Beavers-Other Rodents*
Blue Whales-Other Baleen Whales*
Box Turtles*
Bulldogs-Other Nonsporting Dogs*
Cardinals-Other Song Birds
Clownfish-Other Saltwater Aquarium Fish
Cockatiels-Other Parrots
Cottontails and their Relatives
Flying Foxes-Other Bats
Frogs-Other Amphibians*
Fur Seals-Other Pinnipeds
German Shepherds-Other Herding Dogs
Giraffes-Other Hoofed Mammals
Golden Retrievers-Other Sporting Dogs
Goldfish-Other Carp*
Gorillas-Other Apes
Green Anoles-Other Pet Lizards*
Grasshoppers and their Relatives
Grizzlies-Other Bears
Hamsters-Other Pet Rodents
Hammerheads -Other Sharks*
Hedgehops-Other Insectivores*
Holland Lops-Other Rabbits*
Howlers-Other New World Monkeys*
Iguanas-Other Lizards*
Jellyfish-Other Stingers
Kangaroos-Other Marsupials
Killer Whales-Other Toothed Whales
Ladybugs-Other Beetles
Lions-Other Wild Cats
Lobsters-Other Crustaceans
Miniature Schnauzers-Other Terriers
Monarchs-Other Butterflies
Owls-Other Birds of Prey
Penguins-Other Flightless Birds
Persians-Other Long-haired Cats
Portuguese Water Dogs-Working Dogs
Raccoons and Their Relatives
Rattlers-Other Snakes*
Salmon-Other Bony Fish
Sea Stars-Other Echinoderms*
Sea Turtles-Other Shelled Reptiles*
Shih Tzu-Other Toy Dogs
Siamese-Other Shorthaired Cats
Spiders-Other Arachnids
Snails-Other Mollusks*
Stink Bugs-Other True Bugs
Swans-Other Swimming Birds
Wolves-Other Wild Dogs*

Beijing: Capital of China
Buenos Aires: City of Fair Winds
Cape Town: Mother City
Chicago: The Windy City
London: City on the Thames
New York City: The Big Apple
Rabat: Capital of Morocco
St. Petersburg: City of Bridges Sydney: Harbour City
Vancouver: Gateway to the Pacific

Martin Luther King, Jr. with Gandhi & Mandela
Albert Einstein with Newton & Oppenheimer
Elvis Presley with Muddy Waters & M. Jagger
Golda Meir with D. Ben Gurion & Y. Rabin
Elizabeth Garrett Anderson with & Blackwell & S. La Flesche Picotte
Cesar Chavez with T. V. Powderly & D. Huerta
Louis Riel with G. Dumont & Poundmaker
Jackie Robinson with Satchel Paige & Branch Rickey

Baby Giraffes
Baby Harp Seals
Baby Hedgehogs
Baby Hippos
Baby Koalas
Baby Owls
Baby Pandas
Baby Tigers

B-1B Lancer
B-2 Spirit F-22
Raptor F-35
Lightning II
Mikoyan MiG-35
V-22 Osprey

Bodily Functions
The Digestive System
The Muscular System
Major Organs (NSW PRC)
The Respiratory System
The Skeletal System

Head Lice

Earth and Other Inner Planets
The Milky Way and Other Galaxies
Pluto and Other Dwarf Planets
Saturn and Other Outer Planets
The Search for New Planets
The Sun and Other Stars

Dachshunds (NSW PRC)
German Shepherds (NSW PRC)
Golden Retrievers (NSW PRC)
Great Danes (NSW PRC)
Labrador Retrievers
Rottweilers (NSW PRC)
Siberian Huskies (NSW PRC)
Yorkshire Terriers (NSW PRC)

Air Commandos
Army Rangers
Delta Force
Green Berets
Marine Raiders Regiment

Dirt Bikes (NSW PRC)
Funny Cars
Formula 1 Cars
Indy Cars
Muscle Cars
Sport Bikes
Stock Cars
Top Fuel Dragsters


Bog Mummies
The Dinosaur Extinction
The Egyptian Pyramids
Ghost Ships
King Tut

Appaloosa Horses
Arabian Horses
Miniature Horses
Paint Horses
Quarter Horses
Thoroughbred Horses

Africanized Honeybees
Asian Carp
Red Fire Ants
Northern Snakeheads
Burmese Pythons
Cane Toads
Zebra Mussels

Animal Robots
Battling Robots
Medical Robots (NSW PRC)
Military Robots
Space Robots
Underwater Robots

Military Aircraft
Military Animals
Military Gear and Supplies
Military Ground Vehicles
Military Ships
Military Weapons

Soccer Rules!
Soccer’s Biggest Moments
Soccer Teams from Around the World
Stars of Men’s
Soccer Stars of Women’s Soccer
World Soccer Records (NSW PRC)

Earth’s Scary Animals
Natural Disasters
Olympic Greats
Performance Cars
Planes and Choppers
Ships and Subs
Baseball’s Sluggers
Basketball’s Great Players
Mixed Martial Artists
Stock Car Drivers
Special Ops Forces

The Bermuda Triangle
Haunted Places
Area 51
Crop Circles
Loch Ness Monster

African Elephants
Black Bears
Gray Wolves
Great White Sharks
Killer Whales
Red-Eyed Tree Frogs
Red Foxes
Ring-Tailed Lemurs
Sea Turtles

Misty Copeland
Demi Lovato
Alex Morgan
Bethany Mota
Taylor Swift
Malala Yousafzai

It’s a Bug’s Life
Meet the Bugs

Coding Languages
Logic in Coding
Order in Coding
Organising Data

Force and Motion
Matter and How It Changes
Matter and Its Properties
Sound (NSW PRC)

Cells to Organ Systems (NSW PRC)
Fighting Sickness
The Circulatory System
The Digestive and Urinary Systems
The Endocrine and Reproductive Systems
The Nervous System
The Respiratory System
The Skeletal and Muscular Systems

Animal Behaviour
Animal Life Cycles (NSW PRC)
Animal Structure and Classification
Plant and Animal Adaptations
Plant Life Cycles
Plant Structure and Classification
The Cell Cycle Traits and Heredity

Numbers (AR)

Artificial Intelligence and Computer Tech
CRISPR and Other Biotech
Flying Cars and Other Transportation Tech
Megatall Skyscrapers and Other City Tech
Resuable Rockets and Other Space Tech
Robot Soldiers and Other Military Tech
3D Printing and Other Industrial Tech
Virtual Reality and Other Useful Tech

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Angry Aardvark to Zealous Zebra

Dr. Mollie Cule Reboots the Robot

Aboriginal Rights Movement
African American Civil Rights Movement
American Civil War
Canadian Independence
Chinese Revolution
Federation of Australia
The Great Depression
Independence of India and Pakistan
South Africa’s Anti-Apartheid Movement
Women’s Right to Vote
World War II in Europe
World War II in the Pacific

Giant Dinosaurs: The Sauropods
Fierce Dinosaurs: The Large Theropods
Armored and Duckbilled Dinosaurs: The Ornithischians
Birdlike Dinosaurs: Small Theropods and Prehistoric Birds

Dogs in Art, Myth, and Legends
Dogs Through the Ages
Dogs to Remember
Dogs: From Mutts to Purebreds
Working Dogs and Show Dogs
You and Your Dog

At Home in the Sky
Beyond the Sky
The Early Days of Flight
The First True Fliers
War in the Air

Africans of the Ghana Mali, and Songhai Empires
Ancient Egyptians
Ancient Greeks
Ancient Romans
Aboriginal Peoples of Australia
The Aztec
Chinese of the Shang, Zhou, and Qin Dynasties
The Inca Indians of Eastern North America
Indians of the Northwest Coast and Plateau
Indians of the Plains and Great Basin
Indians of the Southwest
The Maori
The Maya
Peoples of the Arctic and Subarctic
The Polynesians

Biomes and Climate Change
Food, Water and Climate Change
Living with Climate Change
Natural Cycles and Climate Change
Oceans and Climate Change
Understanding Climate Change
Weather and Climate Change
Wildlife and Climate Change

Endangered Animals of Africa
Endangered Animals of Asia
Endangered Animals of Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific Islands Endangered Animals of Europe
Endangered Animals of North America
Endangered Animals of South America
Endangered Animals of the Oceans

The Universe - A Cosmic Tour
The Universe - Mysteries and Marvels
Stars - The Inside Story
Stars - Birth and Death
The Milky Way
Alien Planets
Quasars and Black Holes
Observatories on Earth
Observatories in Space

Ancient Britain and Ireland
Ancient Greece
Ancient Egypt
Ancient Rome
Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific Islands
Central and South America
Canada and Northern United States
Southwestern United States and Mexico
South Asia and Southeast Asia

Backyard Animals
Colourful Animals
Desert Animals
Farm Animals
Feathered Animals
Furry Animals
Pet Animals
Six-Legged Animals
Water Animals
Zoo Animals

The Afghanistan/Persian Gulf/Iraq Wars
The Arab-Israeli Conflict
The Cold War
Colonialism/Less-Developed Nations
The Korean War
The Russian Revolution of 1917
The Vietnam War
World War I
World War II: Asia and the Pacific
World War II: Europe and North Africa

Susan B. Anthony
Frederick Douglass
Mohandas Gandhi
Frida Kahlo
Wangari Maathai
Nikola Tesla

Architecture and Engineering
The Arts
Industry and Manufacturing
Personal and Household Items

Animals in Disguise

"Get a wiggle on" with this fun and informative ABC primer based on the lingo of jazz!

A Place in Space*
Animal Babies*
Animal Homes
Biggest, Fastest, Smallest, Slowest!
Community Helpers
Earth’s Features
Famous Buildings
Good Food for You
Jobs to Do
My Body
Nature’s Patterns
Nature’s Places
On the Move
Our Planet’s Places
Plants Around the World
Play Sports!
Rain Forest
Terrific Trees
Things I Like
Tough Trucks
Tropical Fish
Under the Sea
Wild Animals
What Living Things Need
World of Birds
World of Insects
World of Pets

Fun with Cultural Crafts & Performing Arts
Fun with Numbers
Fun with Painting and Sculpture
Fun with Shapes
Learning About Animals
Learning About Energy, Forces, Motion
Learning About Matter
Learning About Plants
Learning About the Sun, Moon, Planets
Learning About Weather

Consumable Goods
Durable Goods
Forests and Wetlands
Green Building
Green Transportation
Mountains, Deserts, and Grasslands
Oceans, Islands, and Polar Regions
Producing and Obtaining Food

Coat of Arms Conundrum
Hei-Tiki Quandary
Pirate Flag Fiasco
Pok-A-Tok Pursuit
Saxophone Stumper
Shadow Puppet Perplexity

The Aztec
The Blackfeet
The Cherokee
The Hopi
The Inuit
The Iroquois
The Ojibwa
The Osage
The Pomo
The Tlingit

Breathtaking Chasms
Carved by Time
Enchanted Landscapes
Fabled Waters
Mountains of Fire
Nature’s Skyscrapers
Treasures of the Ocean
Worlds Beneath Our Feet

The Sun and Solar System
Mercury and Venus: The Inner Planets
Earth: Our Home Planet
The Moon: Earth’s Companion
Mars: The Red Planet
Jupiter and Saturn: The Gas Giants
Uranus and Neptune: The Ice Giants
Pluto and the Dwarf Planets
Asteroids, Comets, and Meteors
Exploring Space

Alien Cave Explorers*
Asteroid-Harpooning Hitcher*
NEW! Clockwork Venus Rover
NEW! Expandable Space Habitat
NEW! Fusion-Powered Spacecraft
Land-Sailing Venus Rover*
Laser-Sailing Starships*
NEW! Leaping Low-Gravity Explorers
NEW! Mars-Exploring Flying Swarm
NEW! Martian Cave Colonies
Printable Probes and Cosmic Confetti*
NEW! Second-Skin Space Suit
NEW! Solar-Surfing Space Probes
Solar-Wind-Riding Electric Sail*
Squishy, Fishy Robert Explorers*
Web-Spinning Space Spiders*

Robots Basic
Robots Sensing and Doing
Robots Thinking and Learning
Robots on the Move
Robots at Work
Robots at Play
Robots in Action
Robots Helping Out
Robots and People
Weird Robots

Brain Teasers
Brain Ticklers
Brain Twisters

Uncommon Stories Behind Uncommon Words

Discover the answer to questions through exciting, challenging, and fun experiments!

Dinosaur Mysteries
Monster Mysteries
Mysteries from Long Ago
Mysteries in Space
Mysteries of the Sea
Mysteries of the Sky and Land
Solved Mysteries

Tales from the Americas
Tales from Africa and Asia
Tales from Ancient Greece
Tales from Northern and Western Europe

Salt and Pepper

Backyard Bugs
Dinosaur Days
Forest Friends
Into the Rain Forest
Kits, Calves, and Cubs

Learns About Colours
Learns About Moving Around
Learns About Numbers
Learns About Opposites
Learns About Place
Learns About Shapes
Learns About Size
Learns About Sounds
Learns About Taste and Smell
Learns About Texture
Learns About Time
Learns to Fly

The Ancient World*
Around the World
Comic Books
Fashion & Clothes
Human Body
Incredible Kids
Medieval Times
Olympic Games
Planet Earth*
Pop Music
Prehistoric People
Remarkable Women
The Solar System
Video Games*
Weird Food*
Weird Plants

Back Off, Buddy!
Don’t Bite Me!
Ugh, That’s Ugly
What a Jerk!
What on Earth Is That?
Where Did It Go?
Whoa, That’s Strange!
Yuck, That’s Gross!

Can Taffy Fly?
Packing for a Trip
Taffy Finds Her Home
The Bus Ride
The Kite Savers
Trek and His Friends
Trek Can Fly
Trek Meets Taffy
Up We Go!
What Is That?
Why Is Taffy Sad?

A Loose Tooth
All About Africa
Aunt Nikki’s Tale
Going to the Doctor
It’s Time for Dinner
Race the Raindrops
Ride Like the Wind
Sam Starts School
Say Good Night, Lizzy
Trek Plays Ball
Where is Taffy?

A Big Month
A Birthday Fiesta
A Birthday Surprise
All About China
All About Scarecrows
At the Zoo
Going to the Dentist
Show and Tell
The Foods You Eat
The Garden Riddle
The Spelling Bee
Tons of Tomatoes

A Perfect Pet
Caring for a Pet
Fairy Tale Castles
Fooled You!
Goodbye for Now
Keeping in Touch
Lend a Hand
Letters, Letters!
Rain, Rain, Go Away
What a Doll!
Who Is Coming?
Working It Out

Fairy Tales and Stories
Folk Tales and Fables
Poems and Rhymes

Become a Ninja
See a Vampire
Climb a Tower
Dig Up a Fossil
Hike in a Canyon
Meet Ghosts
Ride a Camel
Find a Dragon
Swim with a Manta Ray
Touch a Cloud

Beasts and Bugs
Bodies and Brains
Extraordinary Electricity
Fabulous Forces
Space and the Solar System
Wild Weather

Titles from authors such as William Shakespeare, Banjo Paterson, Henry Lawson, Charles Dickens, and Charlotte Brontë are included in this vast collection of classic books.