World Book Student

World Book Student

Designed to make online information easy for students to access and for teachers to integrate into lesson planning—boasts more than 40,000 encyclopedia articles, learning resources, and research tools.

- Boolean and Lexile® search capability to quickly find targeted content
- Browse text, media, and geographic content with a dedicated advanced search feature
- Utilise a Citation Builder with the option to cite one of sixteen source types in MLA, APA, and Harvard styles
- Translate articles in over 100 different languages
- Includes lesson plans, trivia quizzes, and assessment tools for educator use
- Supports flipped classrooms, inquiry-based learning, and critical thinking

"I've been working with Stage 3 on utilising World Book Online as a resource and they are loving it!"
- G. Berne, Teacher Librarian, Sydney NSW

"I love World Book! It's so user friendly and I always refer to it when I am talking to classes."
- J. Heikkinen, Teacher Librarian, QLD.

"World Book Online is an excellent resource for senior students...we wouldn't be without it in our school."
- S. Hill, Teacher Librarian, NZ.

"In the library, research projects always begin with World Book as a "first port of call"."
- L. Dearle, Teacher Librarian, WA.

- "World Book Online is a great resource for all stages. Our students are becoming more familiar with the site and are excited to use the many components. 'My Research' is a fantastic tool for Stage 2 and 3."
- L. Spies, Teacher Librarian, NSW.

"World book Online has given my K-6 students a safe, up-to-date and wonderfully interactive introduction to online research. This is a superbly structured resource and I can’t recommend it highly enough."
- I. Terpaj, Teacher Librarian, NSW.

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