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World Book Kids

World Book Kids captivates even the most reluctant reader with unique visual engagements, rich multimedia content, and an abundance of educational games, activities, and projects. With thousands of articles, multimedia content, and a collection of biographies, World Book Kids is designed to encourage the young learner to be curious. The carefully curated content also supports STEM/STEAM instructional initiatives.


– Predictive search engine to aid young learners in vocabulary building and expanded learning
– Dedicated compare/contrast tool for science and geography support
– Exploration through image-based navigation promotes digital literacy and encourages deeper dives into topics of interest
– Hands-on experiments, activities, and assessment tools to support educators

“Students enjoy every feature of World Book Kids. They especially love the World of Animals. Stage 3 classes enjoy being extended with World Books Student.”
– S. Bourke, Teacher Librarian, NSW.

“What a life saver it was having World Book Online for our research. Soooo good that it reads the information to them!”
– Year 1 Teacher Nepean Christian School, NSW

“World Book Kids is another product from World Book we love at our school. This is a comprehensive encyclopedia that covers a cast number of subject areas and most importantly the text is at a level that children from as young as 7 years old can understand and read independently.”
– L. Turner, Teacher Librarian, Sydney, NSW.

“Our students are enjoying exploring World Book Kids. They are finding it child friendly and easy to read. It is easy to locate information, to move from one site to another, very colourful and they just love the snail. They also love how they can see lots of videos before searching for their topic. A lot of thought has gone into the layout and has made it inviting to visit.”
– S. Marriot, Teacher Librarian, QLD.

“World Book Online has proved to be a wonderful resource in our school. Teachers love it as it enhances their lesson presentations when using the interactive whiteboard. For students it is a fantastic research tool that goes far beyond the print version. I highly recommend this product.”
– B. Loveday, Teacher Librarian, NSW.

“World book Online has given my K-6 students a safe, up-to-date and wonderfully interactive introduction to online research. This is a superbly structured resource and I can’t recommend it highly enough.”
– I. Terpaj, Teacher Librarian, NSW.

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