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Out of This World 3 (AR)

$352.00 inc. GST

Volumes: 8

Available November 2024

Developed in collaboration with NASA’s Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program, this series seeks to introduce readers to the world of space travel and inventions! Readers will meet NASA inventors as they learn about their innovations and the possibilities of space exploration.

This riveting follow-up to Out of This World 2 focuses on eight more high-profile NASA scientists and explores the cutting-edge projects they’ve initiated that are pushing the boundaries of space study.

New concepts include plans to create bioinspired venus fliers, exoplanet-spying super telescopes, and inflatable stargazers.

Titles in this series:

  • Clockwork Venus Rover
  • Expandable Space Habitat
  • Fusion-Powered Spacecraft
  • Leaping Low-Gravity Explorers
  • Mars-Exploring Flying Swarm
  • Martian Cave Colonies
  • Second-Skin Space Suit
  • Solar-Surfing Space Probes

SKU: 20467
ISBN: 978-0-7166-6564-9
Pages: 48 each
Copyright: 2024
Trim Size: 20.32 cm x 25.4 cm
Lexile: 990L-1090L
AR Level: 6.8 – 7.3

Click on title to LOOK INSIDE!
Bioinspired Venus Flier with Javid Bayandor!
Exoplanet-Spying Supertelescope with John Mather
Giant Lunar Telescope with Saptarshi Bandyopadhyay
Inflatable Stargazers with Chris Walker
Made-to-Order Space Suits with Bonnie Dunbar
Martian Fungoid Space Base with Lynn Rothschild
Quantum Dot Solar Sail with Mahmooda Sultana
Sun-Powered Asteroid Miners with Joel Sercel

  • Each title in this series includes a student activity.
  • Reinforce STEM and language arts with autobiographies, critical thinking prompts, and more.
  • A glossary and index are also included.

“NASA’s Innovative Advanced Projects grant program funds individuals developing unique and daring space technologies, and the Out of This World series introduces readers to some of these scientists, providing engaging biographical profiles and descriptions of their work.”

“The books follow a similar format, with topics presented in two-page spreads filled with vivid fonts, quotes, and attention-getting full-colour photos.”

“Each volume features brief paragraphs and accessible language, ample technical background, biographical details, and pop-culture references (Star Trek, Lost in Space, The Martian), plus the cutting-edge technology should capture and keep the attention of readers.”

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