Bolt – Cat Stats

Bolt – Cat Stats

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Volumes: 6

Don't claw up the wrong tree when choosing a cat. Learn all about your favourite feline friends before bringing one home. From how much they eat to how much time they like to spend with people, explore which breed is best for you.

Titles in this series:

  • Abyssinians
  • American Shorthairs
  • Maine Coons
  • Ragdolls
  • Siamese
  • Sphynx

SKU: 30263
ISBN: 978-0-7166-3917-6
Pages: 32 each
Copyright: 2020

  • Easy-to-read text helps students understand the material.
  • Infographics help students visualise what they are reading.
  • Quiz at the end of each book will help readers determine if this is the cat for them.