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Help for World Book Timelines

This Help page is designed to help you make the best use of the features and information in World Book Timelines.

World Book Timelines offers more than 600 generated timelines, which cover various time periods in history or span the life of historical public figures. These prebuilt timelines can be fully customised. Alternatively, users can choose to build their own timelines from scratch, adding events, descriptions, and media.

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Click or tap on the World Book Timelines logo at the top left of any page to be taken to the timelines homepage.


Browse the collection of World Book pre-built timelines using the eight top-level topics on the left of the homepage:

  • Continents, countries and regions
  • Literature
  • Notable people
  • Science and technology
  • Sports and games
  • Systems and institutions
  • The Arts
  • World History

Drill down through the subcategories and click or tap on the specific timeline of interest to view the timeline.

Featured Timeline

Click or tap on the featured World Book Timeline on the homepage to be taken to that timeline. From there, you can edit it and/or save it to your account.

Search Timelines

  • Use the search bar to search for a World Book pre-built timeline using keywords.
  • You can optionally search by keyword and date range by filling in the fields on the optional search range menu that appears when you click or tap the search bar. 

Zoom Slider

  • Zoom in or out on a time span of a timeline using the zoom slider.
  • The events on the timeline will shift up and down and more or less will be seen on your screen based on the zoom level, which can get as granular as an exact date.
  • View more events by either adjusting the zoom level by clicking or tapping on the plus or minus buttons on the zoom slider, or by using the up, down, left, and right arrows.
  • You can also hold and drag the timeline horizontally to view more events.

Event Info

  • View all information associated with any event, including the short description, notes, and associated media, by clicking or tapping anywhere on it.
  • Click or tap the previous or next arrows above an abbreviated description of the previous and next events to proceed sequentially through the events.
  • Edit or remove the event by choosing the Edit button.


  • To save a timeline, users need to be logged in to their World Book account.
  • Accounts are based on individual login IDs and passwords set up by users.
  • My Research account credentials can be used to log in to your World Book account.
  • To log in, click or tap Login at the top right of the menu bar and either type in your credentials to access your account or create a new account.

Saving a Timeline

Logged-in users can save a timeline by choosing the Save button and making a selection from the drop-down menu:

  • Save to My Timelines saves a timeline to the user's My Timelines section in World Book Timelines.
  • Save As allows users to save a copy of the timeline with a new title to My Timelines.
  • Choosing an option under the Save to My Research header will save the timeline to a new or existing My Research project, which is accessible by choosing My Account near the top right of the menu bar. The timeline will also automatically be saved to My Timelines.

My Timelines

  • Your saved timelines will appear in My Timelines whether or not you chose to add them to a My Research project.
  • Users need to be logged in to their World Book account to view their saved timelines.
  • Users can delete timelines by clicking or tapping the X on any timeline.
  • Timelines deleted from My Timelines will also be deleted from any My Research project where it appears.

My Account

  • Timelines you have saved to a My Research project will be found by choosing My Account near the top right of the menu bar.
  • All timelines saved to a My Research project will appear under the World Book Timelines header.
  • You can add notes to any timeline you have saved to a My Research project by choosing the Add note link to the right of any saved timeline.
  • Choosing the Delete link to the right of any saved timeline will delete the timeline from that My Research project, but will not delete it from My Timelines.

World Book Timelines users can also save other research results to their My Research account:

  • Enter bibliographic information about books you've found in your research by clicking or tapping the plus sign to the right of the Books heading and then filling in the data for the book.
  • Add websites for sites you've found in your research by clicking or tapping the plus sign to the right of the My Websites heading and filling in the website's name and URL.

Create multiple projects within your My Research account to organise saved timelines and other content, and navigate between them using the Switch Projects button.

Email or print the project by clicking or tapping on the corresponding command on the grey toolbar to the left.


  • My Research projects may be saved and shared as Pathfinders by choosing the Create Pathfinder option and choosing the share level.
  • Shared Pathfinders will appear on the Pathfinder homepage available on select World Book products.

Create A Timeline

  • If you would like to create your own timeline, click or tap the Create a Timeline button.
  • Enter a timeline title and click or tap the Create button.
  • You can also optionally choose a different timeline background theme, add a timeline description, and upload or select an image to represent your timeline.
  • A timeline’s title or any of the optional fields can be edited at any time by choosing the pencil icon to the right of the timeline title when viewing the timeline.
  • To begin creating your timeline, select the Search Events button to add events from the World Book database or the Create Event button to add a custom event. 

Search Events

  • To search World Book events, enter a keyword and/or date range and click or tap the search button or Enter button on your keyboard.
  • Search results that appear include only events not currently on your timeline.
  • Select the plus icon next to each event you wish to add to your timeline.

Create an Event

  • Choose the Create Event button to add a custom event to your timeline.
  • Enter a start year and event description (100 character limit) to create your event.
  • You can also enter a start date month and day, enter an end date, colour-code your event, add notes (2,000 character limit), or add media to your event.

Add Media to an Event

  • Select the Add Media tab to add images, maps, or videos to your event.
  • You can add World Book images and videos or your own images to any event.
  • To search World Book media, enter a search query into the search box and select the magnifying glass or Enter on the keyboard to search.
  • Refine results by selecting the drop-down menu to the left and filtering by images, videos, maps, or historical maps.

My Images:

  • You can also choose the My Images button on the Add Media tab to view your uploaded images.
  • Add any of your images to the event by selecting one, keying in a caption and/or credit for your image to the left above and below the preview pane, and clicking or tapping the Add button.
  • Upload an image to the timelines application from your computer by choosing the Upload button.
  • Choose the Browse button to browse to an image on your machine.
  • JPG and GIF files under 5 MB can be uploaded.
  • Check the user agreement and select Upload to add the image.

You can add multiple images and videos to a single event.  If an event has more than one media type associated with it, users can choose the one that will appear as the representative image in the graphic timeline by saving it as the default image.

Switch View

  • Select the Switch View option near the top right of the page to view your timeline in Print View.
  • Click or tap on any event to view additional images or to edit the event.
  • Print your timeline from this screen with or without media by selecting the Print button at the top right of the timeline. 

Print a Timeline

  • Print a timeline by first selecting Switch View to view the timeline in List View.
  • Print the timeline by choosing the €œPrint€ button.
  • Users can optionally print the timeline without media by choosing the Hide Media button.

Info Button

  • Basic timeline instructions and commands can be found by choosing the info button in the top right of the menu bar.



  Internet Explorer
Version 9.0 and higher

  Mozilla Firefox
Version 17.0 and higher

Version 6.0 and higher

Following Plug-ins are needed to use site

  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Java™ Runtime
  • Shockwave flash

Mobile Devices Supported

  • Safari Browser on iPhone
  • Android browser on Android
  • Internet Explorer on Windows phone
  • Internet Explorer on Blackberry

Following setting should be enabled

  • Cookies should be enabled
  • Javascript should be enabled
  • Security level in the browser should be medium or lower (should not be high)

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