Book Week

Whether you are teaching in person or teaching remotely this Book Week, we have you covered! Your World Book eBook platform has an array of titles that suit the 2021 theme: Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds.

We have created a list of World Book eBooks, over a range of age levels, that suit this year’s theme. The Excel sheet includes a description of each book, Lexile level, interest level, books with downloadable quizzes, and direct links to each book.

Click here to download a list of these titles and direct links to them.

We also have a variety of alternative eBook worksheets that are available to download. See what is available here.

Suggested World Book series:

Ayo’s Awesome Adventures
Early Peoples
Explore the Solar System
Explore the Universe
Famous Myths and Legend of the World
Gods of Legend
History’s Mysteries
Lost and Found
Natural Marvels
Our Solar System
Out of this World
The Adventures of Young H.C. Andersen
Where in the World Can I …