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Social Studies Power

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Social Studies Power
Social Studies PowerSocial Studies PowerSocial Studies PowerSocial Studies Power

Social Studies Power

Now has Pre - and Post- Assessments -
Each lesson includes a pre- and post-assessment consisting of 5 questions. The test is accessible at the end of each lesson, on the Finish page. Teachers can use assessments as a diagnostic measurement of student comprehension of key material before and after lessons. Both the teacher and students can track scores for lesson reviews and assessments if they create an account. Tracking the results is optional.


Social Studies Power combines varied lessons content with rich multimedia, read-aloud text, literacy tools, and geography basics to provide a well-rounded learning experience for students and an effective instructional tool for their educators.

  • More than 100 lessons presented in differentiated versions
  • Animated maps, colourful art, and interactive quizzes
  • Trackable tests monitor student comprehension
  • Links to local resources
  • Curriculum correlations

Key Features:

  • Lessons incorporate The Lexile Framework® for Reading, read-aloud narration, highlighted vocabulary, rich multimedia, custom-made animations, and review questions
  • Differentiated versions of the lessons, written at a lower reading level for struggling readers
  • Local resources that offer facts at a glance about your local area
  • Map skills that teach geography basics
  • Interactive quizzes to allow students to review lesson content and vocabulary in a low-pressure setting
  • Tests that check student comprehension, with tracked results for the teacher
  • Critical thinking questions that prompt students to apply what they’ve learned in new directions
  • Extension activities to challenge advanced readers with an assignment that extends the content of the lesson
  • Links to explore further related content in the World Book Web and in editor-selected external websites
  • Interactive maps and comparison tools to foster deeper understanding of geography topics
  • Teachers’ guides and student study guides provided for every lesson

Awards & Reviews:

"...the digital shift and the expanding needs and expectations of students and educators means companies like World Book have to hustle and deliver on the details of usability to stay relevant. Thankfully, with resources like Social Studies Power, a sort of online textbook/curriculum support, they appear up to the challenge....For those looking to make the leap, this is a resource that might allow schools to say buh-bye to the text."
School Library Journal, March 2012

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