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Science Power

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Science Power
Science PowerScience PowerScience PowerScience Power
Science PowerScience PowerScience PowerScience Power
Science PowerScience Power

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Science Power

Winner of the Teacher's Choice Award
Learning Magazine, 2011

"Science Power has been embraced by the senior students at Curl Curl North Public School. The students are engaged by the topics and the features of Science Power. The boys in particular have found the product interesting and they are eager to use the product to investigate and learn."

L.Turner, Teacher Librarian at Curl Curl North Public School, NSW


An online, differentiated, supplemental science program.

Science Power is an engaging and visually rich supplemental science site for Years 3 through 7. The site is correlated to the main science textbooks as well as state curriculum guidelines, and includes differentiated versions of the lesson text for struggling readers. With interactive multimedia, teacher guides,and a test for each lesson, Science Power is ideal for use in the classroom, at home, or for differentiated instruction or intervention use.

  • 190 lessons including differentiated instruction
  • 95 lessons in total
  • Each lesson with its own individual home page


  • Lessons covering all science curriculum topics, with highlighted vocabulary, rich multimedia, custom-made animations, and review questions
  • Differentiated versions of the lessons written at a lower reading level for struggling readers
  • Science experiments that can be completed at home or at school, with videos demonstrating their concepts
  • Extension activities to challenge advanced readers with an assignment that extends the content of the lesson
  • Interactive quizzes to review the lesson content and vocabulary
  • Critical thinking questions that prompt students to apply what they’ve learned to new ideas
  • Tests that check student comprehension, with tracked results for the teacher
  • Links to explore further related content in the World Book Web and in editor-selected external websites
  • Teachers’ guides and student study guides provided for every lesson
Science Power content is grouped into six units:
  1. Living Things
  2. Ecosystems
  3. Earth
  4. Weather & Space
  5. Matter
  6. Forces & Energy.

For Educators:

  • Access all of a lesson's content through its home page. Its easily navigable design and multimedia tie together the different methods for learning in a student- and educator-friendly presentation.
  • View animations, illustrative photos and videos, and quick comprehension checks on every page of the lesson.

Awards & Reviews:

"Science Power, the new product by World Book Online has been embraced by the senior students at Curl Curl North PS. The students have been engaged by the topics and the features of Science Power. The boys in particular have found the product interesting and they are eager to use the product to investigate and learn.

Science Power features a small amount of text on each page which, while it is technical and uses metalanguage, is not overwhelming. The text is supported by pictures, videos, audio, tables, definitions, diagrams and labels. The students have been able to experience success conducting independent research using Science Power."
Lisa Turner, Teacher Librarian, Curl Curl North PS

Winner of the 2011 Teacher's Choice Award
Learning Magazine, 2011

"Designed to make learning science an engaging experience, World Book Classroom: Science Power is designed for busy teachers who need fresh ideas tied directly to their science curriculum. The "Teacher Center" is a particularly powerful area that includes downloadable teacher guides, student study guides, and graphic organisers - everything one needs to teach a particular lesson and make sure one is covering the appropriate standard, or linking to the correct section of the textbook. Highly recommended for science teachers ...
Catholic Library World, September 2011

“Like all of the sites in World Book Web, this site is heavily illustrated, colorful, and simplistic enough for students to use with little supervision. This unique resource will be a much-used resource in most school libraries. It is a rich resource that will provide teachers and librarians the opportunities to bring science into their classroom instruction. This resource is highly recommended. “American Reference Book Annual 2011

"Science Power from the World book Classroom is another success. It captures required topics and brings in multimedia presentations to interest students. Keeping all students actively learning ultimately brings higher test scores and more successful classrooms."
Internet@Schools January/February 2011

"As a digital resource that correlates directly to the classroom textbook, World Book Classroom: Science Power enables educators to create learning centers within the classroom that provide students with supplemental resources or introduce new content to the entire class through the use of a computer and projector or interactive whiteboard. Because the content is easily adapted to the needs of a wide range of users, educators will find that students from Years 3-8 can easily navigate this resource to investigate core science concepts through an engaging, interactive interface. And because this resource is web based, students can work at home on assignments or science projects with their parents. As a tool for encouraging curiosity in science at the primary and lower high school level while developing the skills necessary for further investigate World Book’s Science Power deserves a solid A."
School Library Journal September 2010

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