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Online - Dramatic Learning

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Online - Dramatic Learning
Online - Dramatic LearningOnline - Dramatic Learning

World Book Classroom: Dramatic Learning

(Available to Schools & Libraries only)


World Book's Dramatic Learning expands proven approaches to building reading fluency and content comprehension.
By turning texts into plays, skits, and monologues, providing adaptations of classic works and showing how to apply these materials in the classroom, Dramatic Learning can help students become more fluent readers, understand core concepts, and retain topical information.

Key features include:

• Original scripts, skits, and monologues and adaptations of classics
• Curriculum-focused activities
• Online interactive activities incorporating themes and subject content
• Videos that model fluency readings
• Educator introductions to each play
• A step-by-step guide to help make putting on a play in the classroom and other settings easy and accessible
• Vocabulary exercises to improve comprehension
• Printable programs and posters
• Writing activities to help students generate their own mini-scripts
• Assessment rubrics
• Curriculum correlations
• Promotes standards-based, differentiated learning
• "Mini Enquiry" research projects tied to subject matter
• Video tutorials for educators
• Links to related encyclopedia content
• One-click dictionary to build vocabulary
• Standards-based lessons utilising the highest levels of Bloom's taxonomy

This site was created with award-winning educational theatre innovator Douglas Love. Three-time parent's choice and Emmy-award nominated creator/producer of Disney's "Out of the Box" television series, HBO's "Jammin' Animals," and author of more than 20 books and plays for children, Love has produced live educational theatere with standards-based curriculum for millions of students as Producing Artistic Director of Walden Media's Walden Family Playhouse and San Francisco's Family Stage. The site also features original plays from Professor Albert Cullum and Dr. David Almeida, pioneers in educational reader's theatre. Professor Cullum was one of the first public school teachers to teach core curriculum using theatre and was the focus of the Emmy-nominated film A Touch of Greatness, which examined his inspiring work in the classroom. Dr. Almeida found his pedagogy in reader's theatre and after implementing it in the classroom, saw his students' interest and engagement increase exponentially, their grades rise, and their reading skills improve.

Dramatic Learning promotes active learning in general education and inclusion classrooms by offering cross-curricular, interactive content in all subject areas. Plays created for this site are designed to increase comprehension in:

• Maths
• Science
• Social studies
• Reading and language arts
• Media and information literacy

Students use a variety of learning skills to comprehend key concepts presented in such plays as:

• Be Kind to Your Mother (Earth)
• Holiday in the Rain Forest
• Columbus: The Vision and the Voyage
• Robert Peary and Matthew Henson: To the Top of the World Together
• Race to Flight: The Wright Brothers
• 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
• The Cherokee Trail of Tears
• The Rights of Women
• Shakespeare - Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth and Julius Caesar
• And dozens more

Awards & Reviews:

"Teachers can easily incorporate the plays, lessons and research activities into existing subject areas with a new way to engage the learners, a proven method for improving fluency and comprehension. Highly recommended to teachers for years 1-12."
Catholic Library World, September

“This unique resource will be a much-used resource in most school libraries. It is a rich resource that will provide teachers and librarians the opportunities to bring drama into their classroom instruction. This resource is highly recommended.”
American Reference Book

"World Book’s Dramatic Learning provides on-site, on-demand access to curriculum-based content that allows students and teachers the opportunity to incorporate the arts into the classroom throughout the year. Through the product’s easy-to-use interface and fully-developed instructional material, educators can quickly incorporate these creative lessons into the curriculum for students in upper primary through lower high school. As one of the more creative digital resources, allowing educators to incorporate the missing elements of art and drama into their classrooms, World Book’s Dramatic Learning deserves a standing ovation--and an A+ score."
School Library Journal

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