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Learning Ladders Set 1

  • $275.00 (AUD)
Learning Ladders Set 1
Learning Ladders Set 1Learning Ladders Set 1Learning Ladders Set 1

Volumes: 10

New in this edition:

  • Glossary in each volume

  • Resource list in each volume

  • More "fun facts"

  • Expanded puzzle pages

  • Expanded quizzes


Learning Ladders is a curriculum-based 10-volume set for Accelerated Reader, uniquely created for very young students. The set introduces the features found in textbooks and reference materials. Basic lessons carefully worded for this young audience include: biology, ecology, the environment, physical sciences, and paleontology.

Specially created for young learners, this ideal resource presents a wide range of information in concise text, large type and rich colour-pictures that children will remember. In addition, Ladders builds vocabulary and helps students observe, classify and compare. This set looks at the world from a child’s point of view, answers questions with enough detail to satisfy youthful curiosity, and makes early learning a positive experience.

Learning Ladders is designed to reinforce reading skills and enlarge as well as improve the child's vocabulary.

Key features include:

  • Large type to make reading easier

  • Colourful illustrations and photographs which are large and detailed

  • Two-page spreads which include a fact box in addition to the illustrations and photographs

  • A simple table of contents with icons and an index

  • A resource list for more information on the topic

  • New vocabulary words, introduced and reinforced

  • "Fun facts"

  • Bright, enticing covers

Titles Include:

  • Under the Sea

  • Rain Forest Animals

  • Weather

  • Animal Homes

  • On the Move

  • Wild Animals

  • My Body

  • Tough Trucks

  • World of Insects

  • World of Dinosaurs

Awards & Reviews:
This stunning ten-volume series devotes a book to each of those subjects dearest to the hearts of three to six year olds. This set is perfect for kindergarten and first grade classrooms, a home or [primary] school library, and, of course, all public libraries. Highly recommended. -- Catholic Library World


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Learning Ladders Set 2

Learning Ladders Set 2
  • Learning Ladders Set 2 extends on the hugely successful first series. Designed to reinforce skills and extend as well as improve the reader's vocabulary.
  • $275.00 (AUD)

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