Natural Marvels

Natural Marvels

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Volumes: 8

Natural Marvels takes readers around the globe to explore exceptional land features created by such forces as erosion and volcanic activity. Carefully written text breaks down sometimes complex processes into more easily understood segments. Arresting photography captures the attention of readers while revealing the often beautiful results of these forces at work. Readers will stare down into the depths of canyons, up to the peaks of still-growing mountains, and almost feel the spray from crashing waterfalls as they learn what causes these dramatic land forms.

Titles in this series:

  • Breathtaking Chasms
  • Carved By Time
  • Enchanted Landscapes
  • Mountains of Fire
  • Nature's Skyscrapers
  • Fabled Waters
  • Treasures of the Ocean
  • Worlds Beneath Our Feet

Accelerated Reader
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ISBN: 978-0-7166-3363-1
Pages: 40 each
Copyright: 2017


  • Take readers to the base of Uluru and to the peak of Mount Everest with a visual experience that aids in understanding the processes that created these impressive landforms.
  • Combine history and geography as you explore Earth's natural wonders independently, or use as supplemental classroom materials.
  • Introduce important concepts, such as erosion and climate change, and describe Earth's landforms with clear and succinct text.