Learning Ladders Set 3

$275.00 inc. GST

Volumes: 10

Specially created for young learners, this 10-volume high-interest set presents a wide range of information in concise text, large type, and big, colourful pictures that children will remember.

Titles in this series:

  • Biggest, Fastest, Smallest, Slowest!
  • Famous Buildings
  • Inventions
  • Jobs to Do
  • A Place in Space
  • Our Planet's Pieces
  • Play Sports!
  • Terrific Trees
  • Tropical Fish
  • World of Birds

ISBN: 978-0-7166-7945-5

  • Progressive series designed to build upon emergent readers' skill set.
  • Ideal in a classroom setting to support early childhood curriculum lessons, such as life cycles, seasons, and habitats.
  • Reinforce understanding with fun activities and extended learning opportunities in every book.

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