Home Edition of World Book 1 Year Online Subscription

Home Edition of World Book 1 Year Online Subscription

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World Book Online Encyclopedia, Your Best Online Reference Website

Want answers FAST and information you can TRUST online? Accessing tens of thousands of authoritative articles with photographs, illustrations, and maps is now easier than ever. World Book has launched the web encyclopedia for students, kids and families! World Book Mobile is also optimised for use on handheld devices including iPhone, Android, and Blackberry smartphones and iPod touch media player.

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after purchasing the online encyclopedia subscription in the World Book Store.An activation email will be sent within 1-2 business days that includes information on how to activate your subscription. World Book Home Edition 1 Year Subscription is available to individual subscribers only.

The World Book Online Encyclopedia Home Edition (K - Year 12):

World Book Advanced Online Encyclopedia: - Designed for high school and university students, World Book Advanced is a powerful reference tool that includes encyclopedia, multimedia, e-book, and primary source databases, fully integrated in a single search. Now optimised for iPads and tablets at no additional cost.

World Book Student Online Encyclopedia:Includes the articles of the World Book Encyclopedia, a Biography Centre, dictionary, atlas, an extensive multimedia collection, thousands of editor-selected web sites, correlations to curriculum standards, and much more. Now optimised for iPads and tablets at no additional cost.

World Book Timelines: 450+ unique timelines plus functionality which allows users to create, customise, collaborate, and share their timelines. More than 12,000 events built directly into the product. Build timelines for any purpose, from school research projects to family histories and just for fun. Timelines includes synopsised historical notes and a wealth of engaging images and videos to craft stunning presentations.

World Book Kids Online Encyclopedia: Includes thousands of easy-to-read articles, engaging images and illustrations, interactive games and activities.