Endangered Animals of the World

Endangered Animals of the World

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Volumes: 8

This in-depth eight-volume series focuses on endangered and extinct animals throughout different regions of the world. Each of seven volumes spotlights a specific region and features information about selected threatened species, including scientific classification, physical characteristics, behaviours, threat level, and reasons for endangerment. An eighth volume focuses on some animals that have lost their fight for species survival.

Titles in this series:

  • Endangered Animals of Africa
  • Endangered Animals of Asia
  • Endangered Animals of Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific Islands
  • Endangered Animals of Europe
  • Endangered Animals of North America
  • Endangered Animals of South America
  • Endangered Animals of the Oceans
  • Extinct!

SKU: 20350
ISBN: 978-0-7166-5620-3
Pages: 48 each
Copyright: 2015

  • Focus on endangered animals in regions around the world with detailed maps and helpful iconography.
  • Utilise cause-and-effect structure to highlight environmental change, physical characteristics and behaviours leading to the plight of animals, and what is being done to save them.
  • Gain deeper understanding of extinction through clear and informative entries.

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