Earth’s Changing Climate

Earth’s Changing Climate

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Examine the effect climate change has on our planet today and scientific predictions about its future impact!

Volumes: 8
Correlated to the Australian national curriculum and New Zealand curriculum.

Would you believe even rats are affected by climate change? Earth's Changing Climate debunks misconceptions about the causes and effects of climate change by providing fact-based, current evidence.

Learning about climate change is an important step toward increasing environmental awareness in the generation growing up today.

Titles in this series:

  • Biomes and Climate Change
  • Living with Climate Change
  • Food, Water and Climate
  • Natural Cycles and Climate Change
  • Oceans and Climate Change
  • Understanding Climate Change
  • Weather and Climate Change
  • Wildlife and Climate Change

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ISBN: 978-0-7166-2765-4
Pages: 48 each
Copyright: 2016


  • Provides young learners with grounded facts and debunks misconceptions about the causes and effects of climate change.
  • Presents a highly politicised topic in an unbiased, easy-to-understand, and scientific manner.
  • Highlights facts without exaggeration or sensationalism from a global point of view.

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