Discovery Science

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Volumes: 9
Thematic arrangement and design!

The Discovery Science Encyclopedia is an exciting survey of science organised topically into nine volumes.  Specially written for students in primary through high school, the series includes more than 3,000 articles across more than 2,300 pages and hundreds of photographs, illustrations, maps, and diagrams.

Titles in this series:

  • Animals I (A-L)
  • Animals II (M-Z)
  • Earth
  • Human Beings I (A-L)
  • Human Beings II (M-Z)
  • Matter and Energy
  • Plants
  • Space
  • Technology

ISBN: 978-0-7166-7526-6

  • Each title is an A-Z encyclopedia organised and designed to provide quick access to topics.
  • Over 500 pages of alphabetised animals, featuring many extraordinary creatures.
  • Highly illustrated, including many clear and instructive diagrams.

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