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Cool Tech

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Place readers at the centre of innovation to see how to use the latest technology in the present to transform the future. This STEM-focused series examines the newest and coolest technology in a variety of spheres: consumer, military, industrial, and many more. The volumes place readers at the centre of innovation, enabling them to see how they can use the latest technology in the present to transform their future.

Titles in this series:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Other Computer Tech
  • CRISPR and Other Biotech
  • Flying Cars and Other Transportation Tech
  • Megatall Skyscrapers and Other City Tech
  • Reusable Rockets and Other Space Tech
  • Robot Soldiers and Other Military Tech
  • 3D Printing and Other Industrial Tech
  • Virtual Reality and Other Useful Tech

Accelerated Reader
SKU: 20413
ISBN: 978-0-7166-2429-5
Pages: 48 each
Copyright: 2020


  • Each volume includes in-depth features about specific tech-related events, companies, and stories.
  • Explores possibilities of the future created by technological innovation.
  • Additional resources encourage further exploration and understanding.

The discoveries and inventions of today are poised to change the way you live in the near future.

Computers are an indispensable part of our every day lives. But they were hard to even imagine less that 100 years ago. Future advances in computing are similarly hard for us to image. But they will change our world just as much-if not more-than the first computers.

CRISPR and Other Biotech:
Scientists and inventors are developing strange new ways to feed, heal, and care for a growing human population. Many of these breakthroughs involve messing with the stuff in life itself.

FLYING CARS and Other Transportation Tech:
You might not think about it, but how people and things get from one place to another has changed greatly over the years. And, more innovation is on the way. How will you get where you need to go in the future? And who will be driving-or flying?

Most of us live in or near a big city. Cramming ourselves into these urban centres has many economic and cultural advantages, but it also creates traffic, engineering headaches, and environmental problems.Discover how engineers, inventors, and urban planners are meeting these problems head-on.

REUSABLE ROCKETS and Other Space Tech:
pace technology is an exciting part of modern living, but it is still expensive and risky to get something-or someone-into space. We are on the brink of a new space race, with companies striving to make space travel cheaper and safer than ever before. Soon, many people may fly to space for business, pleasure, or even to live.

ROBOT SOLDIERS and Other Military Tech:
The modern battlefield is fraught with danger. Technology is being used to keep soldiers and other personnel safe, increasingly by removing them from combat zones. But will future military technology be used to keep people safe, or to harm more people?

3D PRINTING and Other Industrial Tech:
The desire to make things more cheaply, quickly, and efficiently has long been a driving factor in technological progress. New technology can also enable us to make totally new products.

VIRTUAL REALITY and Other Useful Tech:
Today, we have more technology at our fingertips than every before. But what is the use of technology if it does not change our everyday lives? Find out how new inventions will make day-to-day living richer, easier, and more fun.

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