Bolt – Dinosaurs by Design

Bolt – Dinosaurs by Design

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Volumes: 6

From huge long necks to flying reptiles, prehistoric animals were amazing. Compare their features, and see which ones were the strongest, fastest, and hungriest!

Includes statistics charts and diagrams.

Titles in this series:

  • Armored Dinosaurs
  • Duck-Billed Dinosaurs
  • Flying Reptiles
  • Horned Dinosaurs
  • Long-Necked Dinosaurs
  • Two-Legged, Meat-Eating Dinosaurs

SKU: 30265
ISBN: 978-0-7166-3931-2
Pages: 32 each
Copyright: 2020

  • Easy-to-read text helps students understand the material.
  • Infographics help students visualise what they are reading.

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