Anti-Bullying Basics

Anti-Bullying Basics

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Volumes: 6

Each book in this series explores a different form of bullying and how to respond to it. The text offers advice on how to avoid and find relief from bullying for children and early teens.  Librarians, teachers, and parents can refer to the books in this series for a perspective on what children may be experiencing and as a source of guidance in helping children who are being bullied.

Titles in this series:

  • Bullied by Boys
  • Bullied by Friends
  • Bullied by Girls
  • Bullied by Groups
  • Bullied in Cyberspace
  • Bullied to Belong

ISBN: 978-0-7166-2070-9

  • Question-and-answer format
  • Case study examples
  • Additional online and book resources
  • Upper-level vocabulary defined contextually
  • Glossary and index in each volume
  • Aligns to key elements of Ethical Behaviour in the Australian National Curriculum
  • Aligns with key elements to Health in the New Zealand Curriculum

“Modern images, authentic examples of bullying situations, and brief Q & A sections create easy-to-read formats. This series is a useful purchase for school and public libraries that serve adolescent patrons. They may also be useful resources to have in a counselling office.”
Voice of Youth Advocates