Animals at Work

Animals at Work

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Volumes: 12

Animal books are in continuous demand, but it is a challenge to craft a concept that goes beyond the standard descriptive mode.

This series highlights the work in categories - similar to those that apply to the human animal - that animals do in their habitats to live and reproduce admits the challenges provided by climate and human intrusion.

Titles in the series:

  • Animals Attacking
  • Animals Caring for Their Young
  • Animals Communication
  • Animals Defending Themselves
  • Animals Depending on Other Animals
  • Animals Finding Food
  • Animals Finding Mates
  • Animals Living Alongside People
  • Animals Living in Groups
  • Animals Making Homes
  • Animals Migrating
  • Animals Surviving in Extreme Environments

Accelerated Reader
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ISBN: 978-0-7166-2724-1
Pages: 48 each
Copyright: 2018


  • Explores amazing animal behaviours and emphasise the parallels between animal lives and human lives to prompt higher-order thinking in students.
  • Offers a compare and contrast approach to understanding how animals respond to common challenges and the need to survive.