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Getting Started with the World Book Web

This site has been created to help new subscribers become familiar with the features and resources available on the World Book Web. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you get started and get the most out of your online subscription.

Forgotten your username and password

Step 1:  Important Emails from World Book You will receive two emails from World Book when your account is activated containing important account information.


  1. "Thank you for Subscribing to World Book Online" email (Schools)

  2. "World Book Web Subscription Details" email (Schools)

Public Libraries:

  1. "Thank you for Subscribing to World Book Online" email (Public Libraries)

  2. "World Book Web Subscription Details" email (Public Libraries)

Step 2: Set up Shortcuts to the World Book Web

    Step 3:  Order Your Promotional Material
    Resources are available to help new subscribers become familiar with the features and functionality available within the World Book Web. Click on the link below to access all our promotional material.

    Step 4: Set Up and Promote Remote Access
    World Book has produced announcements which can easily be inserted into your newsletter, as well as flyers, to help promote remote use allowing students or library patrons and their families to access your World Book subscription from home.

    Step 5: Use Scavenger Hunts and Classroom Tip Sheets to help familiarise your students or patrons

    Step 6: Register for a Webinar
    World Book offers free webinar training on the World Book Web.

    Step 7: Visit the World Book Web Training Sites


    My Account

    1. Forgotten your username and Password?

    » Go to:

    » Sign in using your Administrator Username and Administrator Password supplied in your Welcome Email from World Book sent at the time of your subscription activitation or renewal.

    » Go to: Manage Authentication

    » Go to: Username

    » Under Username/Password find your current username and password.

    2. What is My Account?
    My Account contains tools developed to allow Administrators a self service method of updating certain account information. From this site the administrator can also view their Usage Reports and Access information.

    3. How do I find out how my account accesses the World Book Web ?
    Under the Authentication tab you can find what ID/Password, library card number, IP addresses and/or Referring URL links your account(s) use(s) to access the World Book Web.

    4. How do I update my contact information?
    Under the Manage Account tab you can change the School and Administrator's contact info including name, phone number, addresss, etc.

    5. Who can I contact if I have any questions regarding my access to the World Book Web?
    You can contact our Customer Service department:
    Australia | Tel: 02 9902 3420 | Email:
    New Zealand | Email: | Free Fax: 0800 174 130

    World Book eNewsletters

    An email newsletter is sent monthly to keep School & Library World Book Web subscribers up-to-date with new features and current promotions. The newsletter is automatically sent to the email supplied at the time of your subscription. There is an option to add further recipients to our mailing list.
    IMPORTANT: To ensure that your monthly Newsletter is not blocked by your spam filter, please add the email address to your email contacts list, address book or "whitelist".

    FAQs -

    World Book Web Access FAQs - the following subjects are covered in this document - Common Issues, Testing Your Access, Advanced Configurations, Home Access, and Customer Identifiers.

    MARC Records for eBooks FAQs - an easy to understand info sheet with the most frequently asked questions.

    Technology Terminology

    - Find the meaning of technical and computer terms.


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