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Below are free reading worksheets for schools with World Book Web subscriptions and World Book print books.  You may want to check first to make sure you have the related World Book sites and books needed to do the activities.

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   - Scavenger Hunts 
   - Tip Sheets - My Research Account, Timelines and more
   Early World of Learning
   - Welcome to Reading Print and Do Activities
   - Trek's Travels Activity
   - Know It! Activity Sheets 
   Early Peoples Digital Library
   - Early Peoples Activities
   World Book eBooks
   - eBook Activity Sheets 



Animals of the World

- Animals Activity


Animal Lives

- Amphibians 
- Reptiles 


Anti-Bullying Basics

Lesson Plan & Guided Discussion  


Building Blocks of Physical Science - Aligned with ACARA

Primary Level Activity Sheets (PDF and Word versions)

- Electricity
- Heat
- Matter and its Properties

- Energy
- Force
- Gravity
- Heat
- Light
- Magnetism
- Matter and how it changes
- Sound

Secondary Level Activity Sheets (PDF and Word Versions)

- Energy
- Gravity
-  Heat
- Matter and its properties

       Building Blocks:Plants & Animals - Aligned with ACARA

Primary Level Activity Sheets (PDF and Word Versions)

- Animal Behaviour
- Animal Life Cycles
- Animal Structure and Classification
- The Cell Cycle
- Plant and Animal Adaptations
- Plant Life Cycles
- Plant Structure and Classification
- Traits and Heredity


Building Blocks of Life Science

- All Current Titles (PDF and Word versions)
- The Circulatory System  
- The Nervous System 
- The Respiratory System 


Building Blocks of Mathematics

- Numbers 
- Fractions 
- Division 

 Early Peoples

Primary Level Activity Sheets: (PDF and Word versions)

- Aboriginal Peoples of Australia  
- The Aztec  
- Ancient Egyptians  
- The Maori 

Secondary Level Activity Sheets: Aligned with ACARA History Curriculum 

- Ancient Egyptians
- Ancient Greeks
- Ancient Romans
- The Aztecs
- The Incas
- The Maori
- The Polynesians
- Chinese of Shang, Zhou, and Qin Dynasties

       Endangered Animals of the World

Activity Sheet PDF | Word


Learning Ladders I and II

- Nature's Patterns
- Tough Trucks
- Wild Animals
- World of Pets 

Visual Activity Sheets for Learning Ladders titles: Click to access

- Under the Sea
- Animal Homes
- Wild Animals
- World of Insects
- My Body
- Community Helpers
- Rain Forest Animals
- World of Dinosaurs
- Plants
- Tough Trucks
- On the Move
- Weather 


Learning Playground

- Fun with Painting and Sculpture
- Learning About the Sun, Moon, Planets, and Stars 



Trek's Travels

- Full collection (PDF and Word versions)
- Trek Learns About Colours
- Trek Learns to Fly
- Trek Learns About Moving Around
- Trek Learns About Opposites
- Trek Learns About Place
- Trek Learns About Numbers
- Trek Learns About Size
- Trek Learns About Shapes
- Trek Learns About Sounds
- Trek Learns About Taste and Smell
- Trek Learns About Texture
- Trek Learns About Time


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Out of This World

It's a Wildlife Buddy!

Natural Marvels

A Timeline Of...

Young Scientist


Earth's Changing Climate

Endangered Animals

Myths & Legends


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