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Google Chrome
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Safari Version 6.0 and higher
Following Plug-ins are needed to use site
Adobe Acrobat
Java™™ Runtime
Shockwave flash
Tablets and OS Supported
SAMSUNG TAB 2 with Android version 4.1.2
iPad2 with iOS 7.1.1
Mobile Devices Supported
Safari Browser on iPhone
Android browser on Android
Internet Explorer on Windows phone
Internet Explorer on Blackberry
Following settings should be enabled
Cookies should be enabled
Javascript should be enabled
Security level in the browser should be medium or lower (should not be high)

The Puzzles function in the Games section is not appearing on my desktop/laptop:

World Book have built the new Kids on the latest technology. This includes the wonderful puzzles function, which has been built using the latest HTML5 technology. Due to the puzzles being built on the latest technology, unfortunately, some browsers do not support the plug-in required to run this technology. These browsers are Internet Explorer and Firefox. If you are using one of these browsers the puzzles will not appear. 

Chrome and Safari browsers do support the HTML5 technology. We suggest using Chrome and Safari to access the puzzle function.

Can I access the puzzles on an iPad?

Yes. The technology the puzzles have been built on is supported by Safari and will function perfectly on an iPad.

Can I still use all other areas of Kids on Internet Explorer and Firefox?

Yes. All other areas of Kids function perfectly on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome. It is just the puzzles function and the technology they are built on that are not supported by Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Why is Kids not appearing properly on my iPad?

Your Safari settings may be set to Private Browsing. Services normally available on some websites may work differently until you turn off Private Browsing.
To turn off Private Browsing follow these steps:
1. Go to Settings
2. Select Safari
3. Scroll to Privacy and Security
4. Turn off "Do Not Track".  


You may not have Javascript enabled. To enable Javascript follow these steps:
1. Go to Settings
2. Select Safari
3. Tap on Advanced
4. Turn on Javascript (so the green is displaying). 


Kids redesign webinar from Susan Brown on Vimeo.


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