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Below are free reading worksheets to work with World Book Web subscriptions and World Book print books.


  World Book Web Activities

   - Scavenger Hunts - World Book Student and World Book Advanced
   - Scavenger Hunts - World Book Kids and more
   - Tip Sheets - My Research Account, Timelines and more
   Early World of Learning
   - Welcome to Reading Print and Do Activities
   - Trek's Travels Activity

World Book Print Activities


Animals of the World

- Animals Activity


Animal Lives

- Amphibians 
- Reptiles 


Building Blocks of Science

- Electricity
- Heat
- Matter and its Properties 


Learning Ladders I and II

- Nature's Patterns
- Tough Trucks
- Wild Animals
- World of Pets 


Learning Playground

- Fun with Painting and Sculpture
- Learning About the Sun, Moon, Planets, and Stars 


Trek's Travel

- Full collection (PDF and Word versions)
- Trek Learns About Colours
- Trek Learns to Fly
- Trek Learns About Moving Around
- Trek Learns About Opposites
- Trek Learns About Place
- Trek Learns About Numbers
- Trek Learns About Size
- Trek Learns About Shapes
- Trek Learns About Sounds
- Trek Learns About Taste and Smell
- Trek Learns About Texture
- Trek Learns About Time



Out of This World

It's a Wildlife Buddy!

Natural Marvels

A Timeline Of...

Young Scientist


Earth's Changing Climates

Endangered Animals

Myths & Legends


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