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Building Blocks of Physical Science Presentation

Volumes:  10


Reflecting the popularity and instructional utility of graphic novels and nonfiction for children of all reading proficiencies, World Book introduces its first graphic nonfiction series, Building Blocks of Science.  Each of the 10 volumes features a whimsical character to guide the reader through a physical science topic.  The volumes include features typically found in World Book products, including a table of contents, glossary, additional resource list, and index.  Several spreads in each volume are illustrated with photographs to help clarify concepts and facts.

"The combination of comics-style panels and pithy explanations of scientific concepts makes the Building Blocks of Science series a fun, efficient, and approachable classroom supplement. ... You can't go wrong with this series for either struggling scientists or kids just starting to wrap their minds around the basics."
Booklist, June 2012


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Building Blocks of Science was created by an author and illustrator team.
The illustrator’s name is Sam Hiti, and he publishes science fiction comics that have received a lot of acclaim in the comics world.
The writer, Joe Midthun, is a screenwriter and documentary filmmaker with an extensive knowledge of the comics language.

Below is a short behind-the-scenes video on Building Blocks of Science with Sam Hiti and Joe Midthun.

BUILDING BLOCKS of SCIENCE from Joseph Midthun on Vimeo.


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