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Animals of the World Set 6 Presentation

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World Book's Animals of the World Set 6, picks up from where Set 5 left off and continues to delve further into the Animal Kingdom.

World Book's Animals of the World appeals to students' curiosity about animals while providing a quick source of answers to commonly asked questions. Each of these books focuses on a particular animal and its related species, providing detailed information about appearance, habitat, and behaviour.

Key features include:

  • Each two-page spread includes a full-page, full-colour picture, map, or illustration.
  • All books include instructive animal classification charts to show students where the featured animals fit into hte animal kingdom.
  • A detailed table of contents, glossary, list of fun facts, and index help to ensure that readers get the most out of each book.


  • Beagles and Other Hounds
  • Bulldogs and Other Nonsporting Dogs
  • Clownfish and Other Saltwater Aquarium Fish
  • German Shepherds and Other Herding Dogs
  • Green Anoles and Other Pet Lizards
  • Hamsters and Other Pet Rodents
  • Miniature Schnauzers and Other Terrier
  • Persians and Other Long-haired Cats
  • Portuguese Water Dogs and Other Working Dogs
  • Shih Tzu and Other Toy Dogs

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