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See what's on World eBooks* for your Summer Reading
Excite your kids' imaginations by recommending some of the hundreds of titles 
available on World eBooks that are perfect for summer reading these holidays.
Titles have unlimited downloads and can be read simultaneously.
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Early World of Learning*

Use Early World of Learning* as a tool to build 
reading and vocabulary skills over the holidays. 
Designed by experts especially for early childhood 
and primary aged children. Includes songs, games, 
print & do activities that are fun! 

Welcome to Reading eBooks*

Welcome to Reading is now available on 
World eBooks. The set provides levelled reading 
practice to develop and strengthen phonics, 
vocabulary, and more! Perfect for story time.


Have a go at our fun 
Ancient Worlds Activities

Activities include learning to draw, write
count like an Egyptian and 
create Roman mosaics. 
Educational and fun at the same time!


World Book Kids Science Projects

Check out the hands-on science projects 
available on World Book Kids. 
There are loads to chose from and 
on a variety of different topics.



Timelines: Tell your family story

Learn about your family history this school 
holiday and use World Book Timelines 
to tell your family's story. 
We have put together a fun activity.  




World Book Kids: 

Take a look at the Arts & Crafts in 
World Book Kids Activities 
for some fun school holiday ideas.  

Learning Playground eBooks*: 

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to have 
some fun! Learning Playground includes 
hands-on projects, as well as text providing 
key background information for each project. 
There are 9 different topics to choose from. 


Help build your patrons' computer skills. 
Reference Centre has Computer & Web 
Tutorials that cover computer basics, 
using email, searching the internet 
and more. Login and see what's available.

Login using your Library card today! 

 * Please note that your library may not subscribe to this product 

Out of This World

It's a Wildlife Buddy!

Natural Marvels

A Timeline Of...

Young Scientist


Earth's Changing Climate

Endangered Animals

Myths & Legends


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